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This company is absolutely amazing!!! I have never seen Xactimate estimates so thorough with notes on every line item. They even have OSHA regulations included, as well as, every building code requirement that you could imagine with the code information attached to the notes under the necessary line items. My profits went from 30% – 40% all the way up to 65% – 75% on EVERY claim I let them handle for my roofing company. Obviously, I let CCF handle all of my insurance claim projects now! CCF is a God send to my roofing company. They save me an incredible amount of time by writing and negotiating all of my insurance covered projects. I personally guarantee if you have CCF write just 1 Xactimate estimate for you or your roofing restoration company, you will NEVER go back. Champion Consulting Firm is the best decision you will make this year!

Adam Sendler
Roofing Company Owner
This company is unbelievable so I had to leave a review!
Hiring Champion Consulting Firm to write and negotiate all of our estimates was
the best decision we’ve made since my husband and I decided to start our own
Roofing Restoration Company. CCF has done better than we ever hoped they
would’ve. They took over one of the most detailed and important roles that a
roofing restoration company has, AND, they’ve increased our profits on every
job by 20% or more! We have more time for hiring & training sales reps on
just the sales aspect. Our Company has tripled in size & profits in only 4
months. They have lowered our closing time on each claim we’ve sent them while
increasing our profit margins DRASTICALLY. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! They
completed 36 Xactimate Estimates in a little over 2 days, which is astonishing
to say the least! Any company looking at using this Consulting Firm should do
it!!! You can do as we did and give them just one project to start, so you can
see their work, then you’ll do as we did and send them all of your open files
to close out. The consistence of the Xactimate estimates and their speed will
absolutely blow you away.

Mila Kunis
Roofing Company Partner & Office Manager
This company is WOW!!! I was told about Champion Consulting from a friend of mine who works for a Roofing Restoration Company that uses CCF on all of their insurance claim projects. I was Lucky enough to see their Xactimate estimates from my friend before I paid for my first estimate so I knew what to expect and CCF did NOT disappoint me. I have CCF write & handle all of my projects estimates and negotiations with the insurance companies now. I have more free time for sales and collections now and I make more on my commissions! This company is changing my life and my family’s life. With everything in my heart I recommend this company to anyone or any company needing help with Xactimate estimate writing and negotiating the claim with desk adjusters!

Mike Sendler
Roofing Sales Rep

I’ve been writing estimates for over 8 years and I thought I knew everything there was to know about what could be approved from insurance companies on an Xactimate estimate. This is hard to admit, but I was wrong! One of the roofing companies I was writing Xactimate estimates for had stopped using my services and I had no idea why. When I called and spoke to the owner of the company, he told me they were using champion consulting firm from now on. I was a little angry and slightly confused! I decided to check out CCF and see what they were offering and why they had better Xactimate estimates than I did. I was working on a complicated project for a different roofing company that day, so I decided to see what they could do on that estimate. I hired Champion Consulting Firm to write the estimate for that project and, to my surprise, I had their estimate back that same day, which I found impressive in itself. When I reviewed their Xactimate roofing estimate I literally said “WOW” out loud to myself! I ended up switching the header out of their estimate with mine and sent the Xactimate over to my client, who was blown away by the detailed scope. Needless to say, I’ve used CCF on every single estimate I’ve drawn up this year and I don’t see any reason to switch. Considering they charge less than I do, I’ve just become a middle man and I let CCF write the Xactimate’s for all of my clients and I just sit back and make money! If you have a choice, you’d be a FOOL not to see what they can do for you. 

Mike Stuart

Head Of Sales & Xactimate Estimate Writer

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