What’s the cost for storm damage repairs? Roofing, Siding and Water Damage.

What’s the cost for storm damage repairs? Roofing, Siding and Water Damage.

  • National Average  is about $8,000
  • Typical Range is about $2,600 – $14,000
  • Low End is  $375
  • High End is  $45,000

Homes are built to protect you, your family, and themselves, from harm caused by the elements, if a bad storm strikes your property, certain fixes will need to be made. After suffering a high force storm, the average cost of repairs is $8,000 near Panama City, FL, and can vary between $2,600 and $14,000 depending on the true extent of the damage.

When your home’s been damaged, the last thing you want to do is hire a bad contractor or get underpaid by your insurance company. Instead, make sure to call a skilled professional who can provide the correct documentation for your insurance and quickly get your home back in good, safe condition.

We Can Help With Any Of The Following

  1. Roof Repair Costs near Panama City Beach, FL
    1. Asphalt
    2. Metal
    3. Tile
  2. Estimates to Fix Siding near Panama City Beach, FL
    1. Wood
    2. Aluminum/ Metal
    3. Vinyl
    4. Fiber Cement
  3. Deck/Porch Repair Prices near Panama City Beach, FL
  4. Other Cost Factors
  5. Types of Damage
    1. Hail, Ice, Snow
    2. Tornado, Wind
    3. Hurricane, Tropical, Thunder
  6. Insurance

No matter where you live, there are a large number of storm types capable of significantly damaging your home. Tornado force or strong gusts of winds can rip up roof shingles. Hail can puncture or break almost anything it hits. Even simple cold weather can harm your pipes. Rain or floodwater can seep into cracks in your roof or weather proofing to cause rot or mold.

Whatever your home endures, it is important to check for damage afterward and be prepared for repairs.

Storm Damage Roof Repair Cost is about $1100

Damage caused by storms is nothing to joke about, even if you haven’t detected a problem yet. Assessing it should be done by a professional, as should any necessary repairs. It is especially important that you don’t try any DIY solutions if there is a chance of structural damage. Roof damage can result in more than just a few missing shingles as any compromise may lead to destructed ceilings, gutters, and fixtures. The average is about $1100, including the individual costs of roof accessory repairs.

Asphalt Shingles near Panama City Beach, FL

The most popular roofing type. The cost of repairs will depend on the type of asphalt shingle and how extensive the damage is. A full asphalt shingle roof replacement near Panama City, FL is priced from $1,700 to $8,400. Even if they do not appear harmed from a distance, doesn’t mean they’re alright. If the shingles are scratched then their ability to resist sunlight and running water are compromised. New shingles will run you between $2.50  to $7 per square foot. You tend to see higher prices from contractors on Insurance roofing estimates, reaching between $4.50 to $8.50 per square foot. This is due to insurance companies dragging their feet and making contractors jump through hoops in order to receive all of their money.

Metal Roofing near Panama City Beach, FL

Repairing metal roofing near Panama City, FL costs an average of about $600. Most metal roofs suffer from dents but large or deep dents can lead to puncture, leaking, and further damage inside the home.  Fortunately, a professional service will know what to do.


These roofs are quite durable, but they’re costly and heavy. Tile is resistant to storm damage but, unfortunately, is also brittle. If they’ve suffered storm damage, you will need someone both skilled in repairs and experienced with contractors and insurance carriers to fix it as poor quality repair people could result in more broken tiles than necessary. Fixing a tile roof averages about $350 per tile, though that number can quickly increase or decrease for larger and smaller homes.

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