We can provide you with the highest quality and detailed storm damage estimates in language that Contractors & Insurance Companies can read.


We Write Xactimate Estimates & Increase Your Companies Profits

We have decades of experience writing Xactimate estimates and increasing restoration companies profits. We include all neccessary OSHA guidlines and Building Code requirements in every Xactimate estimate we write. If purchasing 10 or more Xactimate estimates we include our roofing index in the closing statement of every estimate. We take enormous pride in our Xactimate estimates and strive to earn a perminant position writing estimates with every company we work with. 

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We Help Your Company Grow!

We take the headache of writing detailed Xactimate estimates out of your hands so you can focus on other aspects of the restoration process.

Make the SMART choice!

Stop waisting time trying to train sales personell on the Xactimate process & let them focus more on selling. We can help you increase profits and limit headaches.

Watch Your Profits Take Flight!

Watch our system and expertise increase your profit margins to an average of 60% – 70% on every job, CONSISTANTLY! We won’t let you down.

Xactimate CSX Files Available

We provide you with the most professional Xactimate estimates, but we also provide our customers with the CSX files so they may tweak their estimates if need be.

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Boost your Success

Make the smart choice & Focus on Recruitment, we’ll handle the hard detailed areas. Our Xactimate estimating expertise will save you valuable time while increasing your profits and allowing you to focus on training & recruiting more sales people because they are the life blood of any great restoration company.

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Our Team

Our team has the experience and expertise to help business owners, sales reps, IA & PA’s with both residential & commercial restoration projects. We help our clients to get insurance claims approved for storm damage with photos of damaged properties or by meeting with our clients and insurance adjusters at the property, as well as, writing a detailed scope report that increases the profit margins on each insurance claim to 65%-75%. 






Customers reviews

     I’ve been writing estimates for over 8 years and I thought I knew everything there was to know about what could be approved from insurance companies on an Xactimate estimate. This is hard to admit, but I was wrong! One of the roofing companies I was writing Xactimate estimates for ha….

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Mike Stuart

Head Of Sales & Xactimate Estimate Writer

Customers reviews

This company is absolutely amazing!!! I have never seen Xactimate estimates so thorough with notes on every line item. They even have OSHA regulations included, as well as, every building code requirement that you could imagine with the code information attached to the notes under the necessary line items. My profits went from 30% – 40% all the way up to 65% – 75% on EVERY claim I let them ha…

Adam Sendler
Roofing Company Owner
Hiring Champion Consulting Firm to write and negotiate all of our estimates was
the best decision we’ve made since my husband and I decided to start our own
Roofing Restoration Company. CCF has done better than we ever hoped they
would’ve. They took over one of the most detailed and important roles that a
roofing restoration company has, AND, they’ve increased our profits on every
job by 20% or more! W…

Mila Kunis
Roofing Company Partner & Office Manager
This company is WOW!!! I was told about Champion Consulting from a friend of mine who works for a Roofing Restoration Company that uses CCF on all of their insurance claim projects. I was Lucky enough to see their Xactimate estimates from my friend before I paid for my first estimate so I knew what to expect and CCF did NOT disappoint me. I have CCF write & handle all of my projects estimates and negotiations with the insurance com…

Mike Sendler
Roofing Sales Rep

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OSHA Line Items
These are line items that are included in Xactimate estimates due to OSHA regulations. Example: Caution tape, harnesses, etc.
Roofing Index
The Roofing Index includes the Xactaware web addresses to get additional line items approved from insurance carriers. Example: ridge cap line item, starter line item, etc.
ESX Files
The ESX file is a file that can be easily uploaded to your Xactimate so you can make any changes that you would like to.
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